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"It is NO FUN to be Hacked by 'bots', and We Were Living Proof... So If YOU Don't Want To End Up Like WE Did, Bookmark This Page RIGHT NOW to Soon Solve the Problem the Way WE Are - And End Your Headaches!! "

From: Joel S Roberts and
RE: Our "Under (re)Construction" Status

Dear Fellow Netizen,

If I had more time right now, I would explain the headline FULLY - but I am working as hard as I can to get ALL of our sites back online, as quickly, and more important, as SECURELY, as possible. The VERY MINUTE that I have finished securing OUR family of sites, I will "Flip the Switch" to make them all LIVE, and regardless of the Site's genre,

Securing YOUR Websites will be the FIRST PRIORITY!

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Application Box Coming Soon!


As soon as our DNS resolution is complete, You will have the opportunity to apply for Immediate Access!!



We at the I Am Abled Group appreciate Your patience while the electrons all catch up!!




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